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Delaware Senate Republicans

Senate Bill 342

Bryant L. Richardson

This Act requires that each school district and charter school serving high school students administer in grade 10 and again in grade 12 an assessment of United States history, government, and civics that includes all of the following: (1) The nature, purpose, principles, and structures of United States constitutional republic. (2) The principles, operations, and documents of the United States government. (3) The rights and responsibilities of citizenship. This Act requires that school districts and charter schools report information regarding the implementation of this Act to the Department of Education (“Department”) and that the Department report that information to the Governor and members of the General Assembly and post the report on the Department’s website. The implementation of this Act is delayed until the 2023 through 2024 school year to give school districts and charter schools time to select or develop the required assessment of civic knowledge.

Legislative Highlights

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