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Delaware Senate Republicans

Senate Republican Leadership Issues Statement Regarding Passage of Permit to Purchase

March 14, 2024

DOVER, DE – Senate Republican Leader Gerald Hocker (R-Ocean View) and Senate Republican Whip Brian Pettyjohn (R-Georgetown) issued the below statement following the passage of Senate Substitute 1 for Senate Bill 2, as amended (SS 1 for SB 2).

“This afternoon, the Delaware State Senate engaged in a lengthy debate regarding SS 1 for SB 2, as amended. Our caucus offered 13 amendments during the discussion, all of which were deemed “unfriendly” by the Senate Majority. These amendments included language that would clarify no firearm registry could be implemented, require prompt issuance of a permit if certain criteria were met, allow for a longer period in which individuals could acquire legal counsel should a permit be denied, and more. 

“We are disappointed that none of the common sense amendments presented passed.  We are confident, however, whether the legislation was further amended today or not, the judicial system will find the Permit to Purchase law unconstitutional.”


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